In the context of the current situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the exceptional measures adopted to deal with the COVID-19 disease, it is essential to ensure the Hotel’s internal security through appropriate measures, within a framework of prevention and containment of the pandemic.

In order to resume our activity, we have defined a set of work organization methods, which include employees, customers and suppliers and go through specific measures, such as maximum capacity of spaces, social distancing rules, mandatory use of face mask, the continuous cleaning of spaces, ensuring compliance with the rules established by the Ministry of Health, DGS (General Directorate of Health) and Tourism of Portugal.

We thank our customers for their cooperation to ensure a safe stay:
– Disinfect your hands whenever you enter the hotel
– Allow us to measure your temperature
– Wear a face mask in common spaces
– keep the safety distance of 2 meters
– Comply breathing etiquete
– Do not share the elevator
– Make payment with “contactless” cards or another virtual payment method
. Book your preferred breakfast time (by calling reception- extension 9)

We will do everything we can to make your stay safe:
– Our employees always use individual protection material
– Contact with customers will be made preferably by telefone, avoiding physical contact
– All touch surfaces are periodically disinfected, such as elevator buttons, door handles or handrails
– Rooms are never occupied in the 24 hours following a check-out
– The detergentes and desinfectants we use are certified
– Our employees had specific training on prevention and control of COVID-19 infection, in accordance with the current rules, given by our partner “HP consultores”
– We are prepared to islolate a COVID-19 suspect

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Av. 5 de Outubro, 55
1050-048 Lisboa
38.735466, -9.147566
PHONE +351 21 352 48 84
FAX +351 21 352 65 37

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